World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Herding Icelandic Horses

Start your Wednesday morning out right to the pitter-patter of Icelandic hooves … hundreds of them.


I love Icelandic horses: not just for their massive manes, unique and comfortable gaits, big attitudes in a small package and rainbow of colors, but also for the way that the native Icelandic horse lives in its home country. Horses are turned loose to roam the stark and rugged highlands of Iceland for the summer, and then rounded up in the fall and sorted according to owner. These months of self-sufficiency have helped develop the Icelandic horse into a tough and hardy creature.

Ride along for part a roundup, as horses are herded from a gathering point back down to the corral through the Laxárdalur Valley!

Icelandic horses have been bred and raised this way for generations, keeping bloodlines pure by outlawing the import of any outside horses: once a horse leaves the island, it can never come home. These autumn gathers are often viewed as a highlight of the Icelandic rural season, typically taking an entire weekend to complete and punctuated by plenty of socializing.

Go Icelandic horses, and go riding!

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