Dubarry Tuesday Video: Shania Sings to Her Horse

Shania Twain’s performance residency in Las Vegas may have wrapped, but we’re still awed by her equestrian additions. Here’s her big showstopper.

Shania Twain is a woman after our own hearts: when she began her performance residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, she shut down the strip by parading into town with 40 horses. Those horses weren’t just part of her entry entourage — they represented her love for the animals as well as an actual living part of her two-year residency performances.

We shared Shania’s equestrian inspiration over a year ago, and the residency has since closed, but that doesn’t stop us from watching and re-watching her performance of “You’re Still the One” … sung on stage, in Vegas, from horseback.

Okay, let’s back this up a minute with a list of what’s going on here:

  • Bareback and just a halter
  • Singing
  • On stage
  • In front of 4,000 people

Oh, and then she takes the halter off, and continues her performance. What a well-trained and well-schooled horse, and what a lady for including horses in her residency!

Go Shania, and go riding!

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