Product Review: Breeches by Huntley Equestrian

It’s time to up your in-the-saddle patriotic game.

With July 4th fast approaching, Leslie Wylie salutes these spirited breeches from Huntley Equestrian.

Huntley Equestrian Navy with Red, White and Blue Seam Riding Pants.

It’s no secret what my favorite colors are.


Jenni and I making a scene at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy. France was not amused.

So when I saw these breeches by Huntley Equestrian

BeFunky Collage


…I knew I had to have them.

As it turns out, colorful contrast seams are just one of many things these breeches have going for them.

They’re super comfy.

Made of a cotton-poly-Elastane blend fabric, the breeches are built to hug your body in the saddle without holding you back. Whether jumping a big fence or sitting the trot on a big-moving horse, it’s important to me that my breeches don’t feel restrictive in any way and these breeches pass the test.

I also appreciate the integrated sock cuff, which provides a closer-contact feel between your lower leg and your horse and also helps keep you cool under tall boots on hot summer days.

They’re flattering.

I don’t have time for costume changes. If I want to run by the grocery store on my way home from the barn or meet a friend at the pub for happy hour, I’m wearing what I’m wearing — so it’s a bonus if what I’m wearing is cute.

With a wide waistband, modified mid-rise styling and a figure-flattering cut, these breeches transition from horse-life to real-life and back seamlessly. The last time I wore them out, a non-horsey friend actually complimented my “adorable skinny pants” and asked me where I got them.

They have pockets galore.

Horse girls can never have too many pockets. Where else are we supposed to put our phone, gloves, jumping bat and all the assorted barn detritus — hoof pick, pony treats, random double-end snaps, etc. — we accumulate throughout the day? When it comes to storage space, these Huntleys have it covered.

They’re low-maintenance.

I can destroy a pair of breeches like nobody’s business. (Don’t ask me about my last pair of FITS, I’ll start crying again.) These breeches, however, need no coddling.

At the end of a long, hard day, you just throw them in the washer then hang them to dry. No wrinkles. No stiff leather knee patches. No fuss. No drama.


These colors don’t run.

Ready to get your Huntley on? The breeches are available in sizes 24 to 34 and retail for $119.99 from Huntley Equestrian. And if you like these, you’ll love the rest of their clothing line as well, which includes pants, jackets and shirts for both adults and children via their youth line, Daisy Clippers. They also offer some beautiful leather goods: bridles, boots, belts and half chaps.

Huntley is a really neat company, created by equestrians for equestrians. Check it out:

Huntley Equestrian, Welcome. from Huntley Equestrian on Vimeo.

Be sure to also follow Huntley on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook.

Go Huntley. Go Riding!


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