Absorbine Challenge: 4 Tools Repossessed For the Barn

Sorry, honey, the horse needed it.

There are a few tools that no barn can go without. The only problem is that those tools are usually intended for something else … but when your horse is in need, no force on earth is going to stop you from repossessing these household tools and appliances, no matter how many dirty looks you get from your significant other.

The Air Compressor

Reader Leah Ried sent this one our way: “I had this bright idea last week to use my husband’s air compressor to clean tack, brushes, even body clipped the pony and kept clippers clean and cool blowing it while clipping. I think I’m going to host a tack cleaning party in my husband’s shop now!” Hopefully he doesn’t mind.

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 The Coffee Grinder

I always referred to these things as “pill crushers” — so useful for grinding up bute capsules, SMZs or whatever else we needed to administer. Upon accompanying a barn manager on a Wal-mart run, I was summarily shocked and then embarrassed to realize that this piece of amazing technology was in fact merely a coffee grinder. Not recommended to return this one to the kitchen when you’re done with it … unless you’re trying to “spike” your morning coffee with a little something-something extra.


The Dishwasher

This photo first turned up on Eventing Nation’s #EventerProblems series, but it’s pretty universal for all equestrians. Bits and other hardware, feeding supplies, horse buckets … if it fits, it washes, right? Just maybe run that load late at night, or after everyone else has gone to school and work.

The Slow Cooker

Strapped for time? Take a tip from Betty Crocker and all the rest, and put your beet pulp or bran mash in one of these nifty cookers to do its magic while you’re riding or mucking out. Ta da! Dinner is served. Although your family may not appreciate the leftovers.

They even come in sweet patterns! Amazon.com

They even come in sweet patterns! Amazon.com

What appliances or tools find a second home in YOUR barn? Share in the comments section!

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