Texts From a Horse Show Dad

Show dads might not quite “get it,” but they warm our hearts with their effort.

Reader Alexandria Scott has been showing on the AQHA and intercollegiate circuits for years, and her dad remains her number one fan … even when he’s not 100% sure what exactly is going on. In honor of Father’s Day, we present to you highlights of Alexandria and her father’s text conversations: while he might be a little confused, his genuine interest and support of Alexandria’s sport of choice warms our hearts all the same.

From Alex:

“He’s always sending me Craigslist horses no one wants … “



” … and it’s always been hard for him to understand that I don’t ride hunt seat … “



But one thing remains true: no one’s prouder of a horseback rider than a supportive dad.


Any of these horse show dad texts look familiar to you? How does your dad express his appreciation for your love of horses? Share your Father’s Day shoutouts in the comments!

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