SpectraVET Performance of the Week: Nicole Aichele and “Blondie” at Sisters Rodeo

Great performances aren’t always defined by the time you set or the buckles you win.

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Nicole Aichele and Biankus French Girl (or “Blondie”) have seen the view from the top. In 2010, the pair set the world record for the standard barrel pattern (faster times have been run on smaller patterns.) Nicole launched her professional career, hitting the road in 2013 to chase her dream of becoming a full-time cowgirl (she also teaches clinics on the side.)

But in the kind of development that most of us as equestrians know too well, she hit a run of bad luck: Blondie became lame and had to take an entire season off. Nicole’s other horses battled injuries. At every turn, it seemed Nicole was facing another obstacle, whether something minor like another truck or trailer repair or something major like a season-ending injury for her best horse.

So Nicole and Blondie know the view from the bottom as well. Which makes this run at the Sister Rodeo in Sisters, Oregon over the weekend that much sweeter. (Note: must be logged in to Facebook to view.)

When you ask JJ Harrison if he will video your run… You get a whole production. Thanks JJ for being awesome and thanks to the Sisters rodeo crew for being so welcoming and fun, too! #HelmetTough

Posted by Nicole Aichele Barrel Racing and Clinics on Monday, June 15, 2015

JJ Harrison is one of the top professional rodeo clowns entertaining on the PRCA circuit … and Nicole learned that when he offers to video a run, it’s going to be a little bit more than the sixteen or seventeen seconds in which you’re actually running. Nicole and Blondie ultimately didn’t place in Sisters, but to see this record-setting pair back in action is better than any shiny gold buckle.

Long known as “Helmet Girl,” Nicole Aichele is well-known for starting the #HelmetTough campaign, which we profiled last year. To learn more, check out Nicole’s website and the Helmet Tough site as well.

Go Nicole and Blondie, and go riding!

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