Tuesday Video From Dubarry: Secretariat At Play

Watch the world’s greatest racehorse simply being a horse.

After being retired to stud at Claiborne Farm in Paris, Kentucky, the great Secretariat sired around 600 foals and established himself in particular as a broodmare sire. But for all the various gifts that the big red horse gave to the racing industry, between publicity and future progeny, he remained a horse — and never was that so evident as when the stallion was turned loose to play.

Secretariat was euthanized at age 19 on October 4, 1989 due to laminitis. While most racehorses are usually buried with just the head, heart and hooves, Secretariat’s whole body was laid to rest at Claiborne (this, of course, taking place after the necropsy where it was discovered that the horse had an unusually large heart that probably contributed to his speed and stamina.)

While videos of his historic and dramatic race victories get our hearts going every time, this video of the great stallion at play is touching in a totally different way. Despite his larger-than-life characteristics, Secretariat was still a horse: it’s refreshing to see him simply running for joy.

Go riding!

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