Monday Morning Feed From SmartPak: EQUUIZ App

SmartPak’s got the perfect app to test your horse knowledge! We tried out the EQUUIZ app to bring you the scoop.


Find yourself with a few minutes of time to kill each day? (Soaking an abscess, perhaps, or waiting in line at the feed store, or hanging out while your horse finishes his grain … you know, those minutes.) SmartPak‘s developed the perfect app for you: it’s called EQUUIZ and not only will it entertain those idle minutes, you’ll learn more about horses too. Win-win!

I downloaded the app and spent a few minutes testing my knowledge: there are four categories, including Horse History, Health, Colors & Breeds and Fun Facts. The game records your best time and high score (and awards you ribbons for your efforts!) I screenshotted a couple of sample questions:



I earned a red ribbon! Hooray!


There were a few stumpers that left me wracking my brain for every ounce of equine science I had picked up so far along my journey, but even when I answered incorrectly the game provided information on the correct answer, ensuring that I learned as much as I quizzed. Bonus: the app is free!

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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