15 Things Equestrians Don’t Need to Hear

Nope. Stop listening. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

I see this a lot on my Facebook news feed:


And it makes me laugh. Because first of all, it shows me that I have a lot of equestrian Facebook friends. And second of all, it’s just funny, and it’s funny to all of us — how many times have we been told that we have too many horses? But that’s not all we’re told on a near-daily basis: here are 15 more things that we just don’t need to hear.

“You go to the tack store … a lot.”

“The farrier was just here last month.”

“You get too many packages from SmartPak.”

“These vet bills are a lot of money.”

“You already have a bridle.”

“You just went to the barn this morning.”

“You don’t need a pair of Dubarrys.”

“Didn’t you go to a horse show last weekend?”

“Your horse can’t tell if his polo wraps match his saddle pad.”

“Your car smells like manure and fly spray.”

“That’s too much money to spend on another horse.”

“That ear bonnet makes your horse look like a girl.”

“You can’t wash your horse blankets in our home machine.”

“If you fall off again, we’re getting rid of the horse.”

“Horseback riding isn’t a sport.”

What would you add to the list? Go riding!

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