Tuesday Video From Dubarry: ‘Merida’ & ‘Angus’

The Disney princess and her steed have come to life!

Admit it, people — at some point, you’ve wanted to dress up like a princess and ride your horse through a field of wildflowers. According to the video description, this was “Shua’s” first time riding Harley the Shire; in her other videos she reveals that she has only ridden a handful of times. Her authentic joy at trotting this massive horse through tall grass gives this video the same magical quality as Brave itself.

Shua’s true identity, when she’s not cosplaying as Merida or a host of other characters, is Elena Tarasenko of Russia. She is a professional cosplayer, traveling around the world to perform. “Cosplay” is a combination of “costume” and “roleplay” and is best-recognized at character conventions.

We think Shua makes a very believable Merida, and Harley makes an excellent Angus.

Go riding!

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