World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Horseball

Get into the heart of a horseball match from the referee’s point of view!

If you rolled polo, rugby and basketball into one game (with perhaps the tiniest element of Quidditch thanks to that vertical hoop) you’d get horseball, an FEI-recognized discipline that’s popular in Europe and spreading around the world. Get an idea of what the game it like from the referee’s point of view:

This particular match took place in France, but the sport is also very popular in Italy and Spain; horseball also has leagues in Canada, Australia, China, Mexico and Argentina among other countries. The sport traces its roots back to an Argentinian game that involved a live duck rather than a ball — for obvious reasons, this early version is no longer widely played.

To learn more about horseball, see the International Federation of Horseball’s website.

Go horseball, and go riding!

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