Monday Feed From SmartPak: Colic Risk Quiz

Unfortunately, every horse is at risk of colic — but to varying degrees. Take SmartPak’s quiz and find out where you stand.

Colic. It’s one of those words that can send a jolt of fear through any horseman, from novice owners to professionals. Nothing else can bring on feelings on helplessness like watching a beloved horse suffering. While every horse is at some risk of colic, some are higher-risk than others — but there are steps we can take as horse owners to reduce those risks. Check out this brief video from SmartPak about risk:

Then take the quick colic risk quiz to see where your horse or horses might fall on the risk scale. If your horse scores higher than you would like, don’t worry — SmartPak has plenty of solutions, from management suggestions to supplements. Your horse also may be eligible for the ColiCare program, which offers up to $7500 in reimbursement for colic surgery if he or she is one of SmartPak’s gut-support supplements.

Isn’t it great to know that SmartPak’s always got your back?

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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