Equestrians Anonymous: This Week’s Top 5 From the Forums

We’ll bring you the five best conversations from our forums each week. Check out Equestrians Anonymous and let your voice be heard!


If you haven’t been a regular on Horse Nation’s forum board Equestrians Anonymous, then you’re really missing out. Picture the tack room or the barn aisle at the end of the day: You’re hanging out with your barn buddies, speaking that magical language of equestrian that no one at home will ever understand, and it hits you that you are among your people. That’s what Equestrians Anonymous is like, and here are the top five conversations going on right now:

1. “Help With Moving!” (Training)

User SBP recently moved her horse to a new barn, and the transition was not as smooth as she hoped. Do you have any advice for helping to settle her mare?

2. “Barn dogs!” (Brag Board)

Share your photos and your stories about your best four-legged companions at the barn, at home and in between.

3. “Favorite horsey movies?” (Community Exchange)

From the truly cheesy to the inspirational biopic, share your favorite horse movies. It’s a judgement-free zone: any horse movie goes.

4. “Ketchup to clean white tails?” (Ask Anything)

Anyone else ever heard of this method? Does it work?

5. “Bits and bitting” (Western)

All disciplines welcome on this one, even if it’s in the western forums … horse people love their bits. (And we hope our horses do too.)

So what are you waiting for? Join any of these conversations, or start your own–we’re all crazy horse people here.


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