World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Cowboy Mounted Shooting

If you’re at work, turn your speakers down…

…or you’re about to get some weird looks.

Get your Wednesday off to a running start with this helmet cam from the Cowtown Arena Cowboy Mounted Shooting!

Cowboy mounted shooting is one of the fastest-growing niche disciplines in the western world, combining the art of shooting targets with guiding your horse at speed around a set course. While it sounds complicated and even dangerous, cowboy mounted shooting is very beginner-friendly with clinics and novice divisions all over the country to help riders new to the sport get started. While stock breeds are usually the horse of choice, any horse (or mule!) can be used, including Arabians, gaited breeds or off-the-track Standardbreds.

Mounted shooters fire blanks (no live ammunition is permitted at shoots for obvious reasons) from single-action revolvers modeled on makes from the 1800s. Sanctioned shooting events will have a designated loader to load each gun and then unload it after each run to make sure everyone stays safe.

Go riding!

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