SmartPak Morning Feed: Joint Supplement Research

SmartPak’s staff vet answers: are joint supplements backed by scientific research?


Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak’s staff vet, answers customer questions in SmartPak’s “Ask the Vet” blog, ranging from supplement concerns to worming rotations. She fields this question from CS of Dearborn, Michigan:

I think my horse seems more comfortable since I started him on a joint supplement, but my friend says there’s no research showing they actually work. Who’s right?

From Dr. Gray:

And the award goes to… you!
While it’s challenging for supplement manufacturers to perform and publish research because of FDA regulations and other restrictions, there’s definitely work being done in this critical area. Let me share of few of my favorites.

First, let’s talk absorption. Misconceptions abound in this particular area, but fortunately several studies show that all the major joint supplement ingredients — glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid (HA) and MSM — are absorbed from the digestive tract and available for use throughout the body.

Read the rest of Dr. Gray’s response here.

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