5 Free Horses in Search of Forever Homes

All around the nation horses are in search of safe, loving homes. Here are five available today.

This is your friendly Horse Nation reminder that our website only relists horses offered for free. Each seller/buyer should do their own research and remember horses are a huge responsibility.

Ford – Washington

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“Ford is approximately 12 years old, one of 5 Mustangs that I have cared for since 2005. All 5 are from the Gardener Ranch, a herd of approximately 500 wild Mustangs that spurred a national rescue placement (organized by Santa Barbara County). Ford and his gelding companions were all about 2-3 years old when I got them ten years ago in June. Please see the attached group picture that I took on May 13, 2015 (Ford being the second horse from the right).

Ford and the others are easy keepers for wild Mustangs, as they are used to being pastured behind 3-string electric fences. He can be approached and touch, but is not saddlebroke. Last spring he had 20 hours of natural horsemanship round pen training, but he is basically untrained.

He and his companions are in need of owners that are looking to gentle down a wild Mustang. They are a better choice than BLM auction Mustangs that are wild and scared of people, as these horses are calm and can be approached within 3-5 feet. They are used to me walking or driving into their field and feeding them flakes of hay. Ford needs a home, since my land is being sold as part of a divorce decree.

If you have ever considered gentling down a wild Mustang and being the first to win their trust, Ford (or one of his companions that have not been touched) would be a good choice. Please contact me ASAP, as their pasture is gone in early June. I am not looking to sell them, only to give them to good homes. Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon.”


Griffin – Maine

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“Griffin is beautiful 16-2 H appendix QH, blood bay, white blaze and hind anklets. He is sadly retiring from his show career due to injury. He can be lightly trail ridden only. He needs a good home to spend his retirement days in, grazing, eating carrots and peppermints, and lazing in the sun. He is very sweet, easy to handle, plays well with others, great for vet and farrier, excellent ground manners, and especially sweet to children and dogs and cats. I would love to find him someplace nearby that I could visit now and then but the most important criterion is a loving home with good care. ”


Rachelle – Virginia

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“Looking for a low maintenance, good mannered broodmare? This mare is currently open and ready to breed because we are no longer breeding. Shes a point earning producer. She has had 3 good minded and talented babies for us (and she caught on the first try on all three shipments!!). 5 panel genetic test results on file with AQHA – N/N across the board. She is a very good mother and easy to get along with. She was injured herself as a yearling so she was never shown and is broodmare sound only. She can be turned out with other horses and would probably make an excellent recipient mare. This mare may not have the “trendy” bloodlines but she is very good at her job and her offspring have the minds and the talent to actually succeed in the show ring. Pics of offspring available on request.”


RC Cola – Tennessee

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“RC IS NOT ADOPTABLE. We are seeking a FOREVER FOSTER for him. What is a Forever Foster? You will be able to care for RC as if he is your own horse. He would live with you, and you would not ever have to be concerned with him being placed for adoption, and losing your best friend to a forever home. We would ask that you commit to providing the basics for him. Feed, Hay, Stall Shavings, Fly Spray. Everything else is on us. We’ll take care of his farrier appointments and the cost for that. His annual vetting, checkups, any medications, major medical, and eventually euthanasia and burial cost…those items would all be covered by Safe Harbor. Forever Fostering is providing a sanctuary home for a horse that is in dire need of love without the risk of ever having unforseen large medical costs.

RC Cola came to Safe Harbor from abandonment case, his previous “owner” locked him inside of a barn, standing in almost 2 feet of manure and moved out of state. RC was adopted, but due to an unfortunate situation he returned to rescue. RC wasn’t moving properly on return and his re-intake vet exam revealed an approximately 3 to 4 month old pelvis fracture and stifle injury. He will be radiographed again after about 3 months to check healing, but this means RC is not ride-able. He cannot bear weight; not even a child on lead line at this time. RC is also being treated for a puncture wound that was found on his re-entry to rescue. It appears to be from a T-Post, and he is being treated with topical and internal antibiotics. This should clear up safely very soon. RC is due for a re-check in 3 months. After his re-check we may find he is sound for a lead line work with children, but we are not sure. He is a gentle and kind soul who was used in his prime for showing and deserves a home where he can be treated with respect and dignity for the remainder of his years.

We are requiring a minimum of 3 acres of pasture for him. RC is NOT an easy keeper. He will require soaked senior feed, and in an ideal situation someone able to feed him twice daily. His diet in rescue is 5 pounds of Senior feed in the morning and 5 Pounds in the evening. Fencing must be a minimum of 48? high, and cannot be barbed wire. Board fence is preferred, but electric will be ok as well.

Safe Harbor adopts in Tennessee, SW Kentucky, and Northern Alabama. Please visit to fill out an application. ”


Jubilee – California

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“This is Jubilee she is a very sweet 22 year old Arabian mare. She will stand for hours while being groomed and loves attention. She is a light trail or companion horse no endurance please since she is 22. she looks like she is 10 years old! She has one eye and needs a advance beginner when riding a lone but if she is with another horse she is very calm. loving home only she is free to the right home and terms.”

Go Riding.

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