Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks: Our Kind of First Dance

This bride and groom put a four-legged twist on their first dance!


Tom and Jessica Davies’ wedding was one to remember, and one that looks like more fun than some of the other weddings we’ve found ourselves at. First off, the facility where it appears Jessica keeps her horse is pretty incredible looking. Secondly, the new twist the new couple puts on their first dance as husband and wife is “aww”-inducing adorable.

According to the summary on Horse & Hound, “Toffee” is a 14.2 New Forest/Thoroughbred cross who had been retired from work for a year, so Jessica brought him back several weeks before the wedding to ensure he was fit enough for the performance.

Check out the full performance:

You wouldn’t know Toffee had been out to pasture, as he performed his duties with Jessica without batting an eye — a perfect gentleman. The audience was 120 strong, gathered around the fence to see the spectacle, and Toffee took his newfound fame in stride, literally.

Props to Toffee for holding it together, to Jessica for looking ravishing in her dress on horseback, and to Tom for putting up with another horse-girl idea on his wedding day.

Go riding, and Go Fleeceworks!

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