Vin the Horse Takes Selfies

And we’re not talking “lemme take a pic of your zoomed-in nose and call it a selfie” selfie.

We’ve seen selfies taken with a horse. We’ve seen zoomed-up photos of horses’ faces labeled “selfie.” We’ve seen centaur selfies. But we’ve never seen a true, real-life horse selfie … until now.

We received a message from reader Kyle Tatum: “My RPSI gelding, Vin, (who has to mess with EVERYTHING) took a bunch of selfies of himself with my barn owner’s phone. She had it sitting on a mounting block and he came up and starting messing with it. She didn’t realize it till later when she went to send a pic to someone and saw all of his handiwork. She had the timer setting on, so we think he was hitting the on-screen button with his lip again and again.”

Vin 1

vin 2

vin 3

Oh Vin, you are one talented guy. Riders, let this be a lesson to you — don’t leave your phone anywhere your horse might get to it. Unless, of course, that’s the whole point.

Thanks, Kyle and Vin, for your submission!


Go riding!

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