5 Free Horses in Search of Forever Homes

All around the nation horses are in search of safe, loving homes. Here are five available today.

This is your friendly Horse Nation reminder that our website only relists horses offered for free. Each seller/buyer should do their own research and remember horses are a huge responsibility.

Raven — New Hampshire

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“Raven is a 16.1 hand, beautiful, black registered Tennessee Walker. I have had him for almost 9 years. Two years ago, he developed lameness in his left front lower leg, most likely arthritis. He has become unstable while riding and has fallen on three occasions with injuries to the rider on all three occasions (though no injuries to himself). It is strongly recommended that he not be ridden for the riders safety. He also has a tendency to put on weight easily and is currently not being fed grain. I addition, changes have occurred in my own life and I am unable to keep him. I am looking for a loving home for him who is interested in a companion horse for another horse or horses or who is simple interested in taking him as a “pet” for his senior years. He is otherwise in excellent health. He has never colicked. He has never bitten or kicked anyone. He is great with the farrier, currently he is barefoot and has been for 8 years. He is up-to-date on shots.”

Utsie — Wisconsin

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“Utsie is a 2 year old Anglo-arab. He is being fostered by Holyland Donkey Haven and is now looking for a forever home. Utsie was rescued along with his dam while in utero. Utsie was born in good health, has been imprinted and worked with daily. Utsie is UTD with all medical needs, farrier needs as well as continued grooming maintenance. He is very responsive and works well with a light touch. An ideal adopter would be knowledgable, experienced and eager to work with this horse. He has amazing potential and needs a home with a caregiver that can teach him. He knows all the basics but is still frightened of trailering. However, this continues to be worked on.

Utsie is a wonderful gelding that is full of life, curious, intelligent and gets along great with horses or donkeys.”

Jade — Maryland

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“This sweet boy left Bowie Training Center in December to become a part of a wonderful family.

He is kind, easy going and safe to handle, but the other horses there are not kind to him. He is still needing time to recover and heal from his days as a racehorse.

Jade raced 42 times and made over $160,000 during his career. He last raced on October 2, 2014. He was retired due to wear and tear on his ankles which made him extremely sore. This makes it necessary to give him time before becoming a trail and pleasure horse.

Jade will make a wonderful family, recreational trail horse with his lovely temperament and good looks. He will be a solid family man. He just needs someone to offer him the life he deserves. His present family has to keep him separate from the other horses because they push him around and beat him up. This horse is just too sweet.

Jade is 15.2 hands and 6 years old.
If you are interested in Jade, please contact me. He is located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland”

Armani — California

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“Free to good home: Beautiful 16.3 hand Bay Hanoverian Gelding, 10 yrs old, beautifully trained. Has had a traumatic injury to front foot and needs 2 more months of layup and 3 months of rehab. Owner is leaving for college and would like to place him quickly. Has more than 50% chance of being serviceably sound. Had started the 1st year greens this year, is very, very brave. beautiful moover, with great lead changes. Please contact Susan at (408) 230-4312 if interested.”

Griffin — Maine

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“Griffin is beautiful 16-2 H appendix QH, blood bay, white blaze and hind anklets. He is sadly retiring from his show career due to injury. He can be lightly trail ridden only. He needs a good home to spend his retirement days in, grazing, eating carrots and peppermints, and lazing in the sun. He is very sweet, easy to handle, plays well with others, great for vet and farrier, excellent ground manners, and especially sweet to children and dogs and cats. I would love to find him someplace nearby that I could visit now and then but the most important criterion is a loving home with good care.”

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