SmartPak: Stuff Riders Say About Fly Spray

SmartPak’s popular “Stuff Riders Say” series is back with two episodes we can all relate to this time of year …

SmartPak‘s tagline is “We get you because we are you.” And you won’t have any doubts about that after watching the hilarious latest additions to the “Stuff Riders Say” series. The newest topic? Fly spray.

Oh yeah, that all sounds pretty familiar …

Yep, they nailed it. The struggle is real.

Shop SmartPak’s extensive fly spray collection, including SmartPak’s own OutSmart! Don’t worry, they’ve got a full line of fly masks, fly sheets, anti-fly supplements and barn fly defense as well — browse to your heart’s content under “Insect Control.”

Go SmartPak, and Go Riding!

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