Equestrian Etsy: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Ah, Etsy … you are full of so much that is great and so much that is weird. Check out these equestrian finds.

Now I love Etsy as much as the next tasteful and unique girl — but I also harbor a deep, deep love for the now-closed website Regretsy, which trawled the pages of handmade/vintage offerings to find the weirdest examples of what’s now affectionately known as “tragicrafting.” Sadly, Regretsy is now offline, so it’s up to us to carry the torch and sort out the good from the bad … and the ugly.

Brace yourselves, equestrians: I’ve scoured the pages of Etsy to find some unique offerings to bring horses into every facet of your life, from accessories to jewelry to sculpture for your home.


The Good: We’ve featured the best of Etsy infinity scarves before, but let’s just sigh over this lovely piece one more time. I’d be happy to rock this to tie a little bit of my passion into my day-to-day outfits, without screaming “crazy horse girl.”

The Bad: Oh, yeah. If I saw this on a guy at the rodeo or at the cowboy bar, I’d definitely want to get to know him better. He seems like a real classy gent.

The Ugly: Look, if you’re into this sort of thing, that’s cool. But at least go for a tail that doesn’t drag on the ground behind you. (If you click through, you’ll find some other “unique” pieces of equipment for sale at this Etsy shop … )


The Good: I love this personalized necklace — add your name, your horse’s name and your birthstone for a totally customized cute charm look. This 100% represents my teenage years being a barn rat (and, let’s be honest, right through my young adulthood. Who am I kidding. I want this.)

The Bad: Horse eyes = the most popular and iconic part of the equine anatomy in art and photography, if slightly overdone at this point. Horse eyes in a pendant = super, super creepy, especially at a quick glance, and double-especially for a non-horse person.

The Ugly: What is going on here? There was potential for this to be a wacky, slightly edgy modern piece, but instead, I’m just confused.


The Good: If I had a mantle, this could totally go on it. Or maybe in the big trophy case that I also don’t have. Heck, it could even work as a trophy itself. Just know that if I had a good place for it, this could be in my house.

The Bad: This Pegasus sculpture falls into the niche category of “gourd art.” If you have never heard of this particular medium, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just appreciate this Pegasus, made of gourd.

The Ugly: Okay, I guess in a weird morbid way I could appreciate the rustic western look of an artfully-hung horse skull as a talking piece in just the right setting. Except for the fact that this one is CARVED ALL OVER IN DRAGONS.

Need more Etsy in your life? Type “Etsy” into the search bar to see other pieces we’ve published, including our showcases of the most, ah, unique pieces of actual riding apparel and tack that Etsy has to offer.

Go riding!

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