Monday Morning Feed From SmartPak: Piper Polos & Tees

Now it’s easier than ever to coordinate!

It’s no secret that riders are addicted to SmartPak’s Piper breeches:

I’m not even an English rider and I want a pair … or five. I mean, look at them. They come in, like, every cute color imaginable. Like these:

I would totally go English for these. And as if the breeches themselves weren’t enough of a temptation, SmartPak has raised the bar yet again and come out with a new line of Piper polo shirts and tees, coordinated to match. Now riders can go to the barn every single day of the week in new, adorable, perfectly-color-coordinated schooling apparel.

Here’s the regular polo:

And for those hot summer days, a sleeveless option:

And my personal favorite, the lightweight Piper tee shirt:

… which can transition to any discipline with ease! Perfect for all of the western riders out there too:

If you’re as sold as I am, head over to SmartPak and get to coordinating today!

Go SmartPak, and Go Riding!

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