World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: #SkidLidVid

Fallon Taylor and Caliente Cafe take us for a spin around the barrels in what Fallon’s named the #SkidLidVid. Love it.

As rodeo’s leading lady in choosing safety over tradition, Fallon Taylor’s #whatthehelmet campaign is helping to smooth the road everywhere for western equestrians opting to wear a helmet instead of a cowboy hat. And as a bonus, Taylor now has a home for her GoPro to video some of her runs. In the video description, she states that she used her helmet cam footage to find areas for improvement in her riding and isolating moments in which she made a mistake–spoken like a true horsewoman.

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Caliente Cafe and I took a spin….wanna ride along with us and see if any of it helps you on your horse??? Click to play! I ride her very different than I ride my other horses…like the way I gather my reins leaving the alley…something I don’t do on any of my others and didn’t know I did it really until this footage popped up LOL! Found some places I can be a lot better and places that I really like how both of us are coming together. Hope this helps you in your journey!! XOXO FT & CC

Posted by Fallon Taylor & Babyflo on Tuesday, January 6, 2015

As much as barrel racing looks like it’s just sprinting around three barrels as fast as possible, this video illustrates how intense the horses must decelerate, turn hard and then accelerate out of the turn: much harder to do well than it appears. Caliente Cafe is a model horse in quietly heading in and out of the chute, getting lots of love from Taylor on the way out of the arena.

Kudos to Fallon Taylor for coining the hashtag #SkidLidVid. Also, for wearing a helmet in the first place.

Go riding!

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