Tuesday Video From Dubarry: Not Your Average Foal Video

Yes, this may look like just another cute foal video…but this is a filly born 42 days early going for a romp on what was her predicted due date.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 12.40.28 PM

Bretherella, in many ways, is like lots of other young Thoroughbreds learning how to stretch their legs at their mothers’ sides this spring: she is well bred, well taken-care of and carries another generation’s hopes for making it big on the track. But this little filly has already set herself apart as her own particular brand of fighter: she was born 42 days early, weighing only 60 pounds at birth. She required a three-day stay at Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital of Ocala but returned home to Arindel Farm to slowly gain weight, gain strength and gain the hearts of the staff and thousands of followers on Facebook (check out Arindel Farm.)

On her expected due date of April 24, Bretherella and dam Baggio got the green-light for pasture turnout and a chance to go for a run. (Note: must be logged in to Facebook to view.)

Once in a ForeverBretherella (Brethren/Baggio) Bet you will never, ever, see a foal do this on the day they were supposed to be born.

Posted by Arindel Farm on Friday, April 24, 2015


As they say in the racing industry, go baby go! Bretherella’s name is a combination of her sire Brethren and Cinderella, since she was born exactly at midnight and has become a princess to all who have worked with her. Best of luck to this little one!

Go riding!

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