Equestrian Would You Rather … Spring Edition

Time for another round of questions where there is no right answer!

The rules are simple: gather up your barn friends and start asking these ten questions. There are no right or wrong answers, so everyone wins. Enjoy this round of spring-themed questions!

Would you rather …

Emily Knight, Facebook submission

Emily Knight, Facebook submission

… show a world-class animal in your discipline of choice or take the world’s greatest trail horse out on the trails?

… never see a case of thrush, or rain rot, ever again?

… run out of fly spray or lose another horse shoe in the mud?

… forget to turn off the electric fence when you were supposed to, or forget to turn on the electric fence when you were supposed to?

… have lush, fertile pastures that you have to walk twenty minutes on foot to access, or a so-so paddock close to the barn?

… own a plain-jane bay that’s low-maintenance to clean, or an eye-catching gray that’s constantly filthy?

… only ever ride one discipline but be a champion within it, or get the opportunity to dabble in many?

… never see snow again, or never see mud again?

… shed out all of that hair manually, or body clip?

… lose halters, or lose fly masks out in the pasture?

What did you choose? Share in the comments section!

Go riding!

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