‘Oh Crap’ Monday, Presented by Bimeda

Monday is the crappiest day of the week so it only makes sense that we make things official! Here’s our latest batch of reader-submitted “Oh Crap” photos and videos.

Stephanie Burkhardt: My dear horse Amadeus has always enjoyed jumping in and out of the water. However, sometimes, as in this particular case, he can get a little too exuberant. We jumped the initial oxer quite well but then he merrily decides to charge up the hill and disregard my half halts. When it came time to jump off the bank, he was going a bit too fast and didn’t quite have time to properly unfold his landing gear. After my horse’s back legs crumpled underneath him, I lost my stirrups and balance but I’d be damned if I was going to allow myself to fall in the water! So I clung on for dear life until Amadeus carried me out of the water – then all hope was lost and I had to let go. Other than a bruised knee and jammed knuckle, I was completely fine and dry!!

stephanie 1

stephanie 2

stephanie 3

Cheryl Parsons: My very green OTTB Captain Serious schooling the night before the Thoroughbred H/J show at the Kentucky Horse Park this weekend. I jumped ahead of him allowing my leg to slip back as he started to stop but I have refused to allow him to learn to refuse so I made him go over it anyways and he launched me out of the saddle like a rocket ship! Thankfully he stayed underneath me and allowed me to get my seat again. We obviously jumped it again until he was okay with it and ended on a good note. The next day at the show he jumped everything like he had been doing it for years and was an old schoolmaster placing this eventer in 3rd in a hunter round against a decent field of horses!


Just to prove that professionals aren’t immune from “oh crap” moments, here’s a World Cup video from Instagram follower @impulsionimages:

#nicesave #FEIWorldCupFinals #showjumper #equestrian #ohcrapmoment #horsenation #worldcup2015

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And to wrap up this week’s collection, we have an “Oh Crap” mystery, submitted by Martha Crawford Cantarini: “I do not know what this came from. It is one left over from my horse racing web site Second Running.” Do you know the true story behind this photo? Let us know in the comments!

Backwards Jock

Have an “Oh Crap” moment to share? Email your photo/video and a brief explanation of what is going down to [email protected].

Go forth and tackle your Monday, Horse Nation. Go Riding!

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