Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak: What’s in Your Grooming Tote?

Check out what the SmartPakers and Horse Nation staffers have in their grooming totes, and share what you have in yours!

Grooming: probably our horses’ favorite part of the ride. The horse gets a light massage and removal of all that dirt and extra hair, you get to clean him up as a point of personal pride, and you both enjoy some quality bonding time in the barn.

As horse owners and riders themselves, SmartPak‘s video series “What’s in my grooming tote?” allows SmartPakers to show us all what they’ve got in their grooming tool arsenal. The answers are as varied as SmartPak’s impressive array of brushes and tools, but one thing remains common: all of the SmartPakers love to groom!

We at Horse Nation also love to spend quality time with our horses, so we decided to share our own grooming totes as well:

Amanda Ronan:

Kristen Kovatch: 

Lindsey Kahn:

And now we want to see what’s in yours! Make a video and share it with SmartPak as well as Horse Nation and let us see what’s in your grooming tote.

Need to freshen up your supply for the spring? SmartPak’s selection of grooming tools includes everything from basic brushes and totes to clippers and shampoo. As always, orders over $75 ship for free and all orders come with free return shipping as well as SmartPak’s 100% happiness guarantee.

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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