Wowza! 10 Colorful Mustangs in the BLM Internet Adoption

Roans, Tiger Stripes, and Grullas, OH MY!

The BLM Internet Adoption opened last week, and it’s possible they’ve never had a more colorful or diverse selection of adoptable horses than this one.

Among the reasons for the uptick in color offerings, there is a rare opportunity to adopt a Sulphur Mustang, a group of horses from a remote area of eastern Utah with a historic bloodline, coveted for its genetic purity and also their vivid and distinctive duns and grullas. (Note: you’ll see from the photos that some of the horses that were gathered in the Sulphur Herd Management Area were struggling to thrive in the wild, which was part of the reason for the gather. They have likely put on additional weight in the holding pens since these photos were taken.)

Horses range in age from yearlings up to horses in their 20s, but the majority are seven or younger; an age where the gentling process isn’t too overwhelming. Most of the horses being offered are completely untouched, but there are three available through Mantle Ranch who have been worked with on the ground, and also two burros you’d be a bear to separate from one another.

For the current internet adoption, they are offering shipping/pickup locations as far east as Lorton, Virginia, so don’t count yourselves out, East Coasters! Other pickup locations include Utah, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Michigan and Wisconsin.


1.  Neck Tag 5475

Sex: Mare

Age: 3 years

Height: 13.3

Herd Management Area: Sulphur, UT

She may look a little skinny now, but picture this pretty girl being showered in love, treats, and top-notch grooming, and you’re looking at one of the flashiest and well-built prospects out there. If the two-toned mane and smokey color doesn’t get you, the super-bright striping on her legs will push you over the edge. Because Sulphurs tend to grow/mature a little slower than other breeds, You can expect to see another 2 inches out of her before she hits her maximum height.


Horse Nation BLM Mustang Necktag 5475


2. Neck Tag 5432

Sex: Stud

Age: 3 Years

Height: 14.2

Herd Management Area: Sulphur, UT

This handsome stud is all too eager to show you his beautiful dorsal striping and glorious color hues, but also his willingness to step under himself and use his hind end! Can you imagine yourself going down center line in the sandbox on THIS? You don’t need another warmblood. You need him.

Horse Nation BLM Mustang Necktag 5432


3. Neck Tag 3292

Sex: Mare

Age: 9 Years

Height: 14.1

Herd Management Area: Sulphur, UT

This pretty lady doesn’t have a single bid, yet! Her build, face and coloring are remarkable; she is what they call a tri-colored dun because of her black, blonde, and white highlights. A 9-year-old may seem a little daunting to tackle on your own, but with the assistance of an approved trainer through the Mustang Heritage Foundation, you could be riding happily into the sunset on your new, mature mount by this fall.

Horse Nation BLM Mustang Necktag 3292


4. Neck Tag 6721

Sex: Mare

Age: 6 years

Height: 13.2

Herd Management Area: White Mountain (Wyoming)

Maybe duns aren’t your thing. No worries! There’s a mustang for everyone. For example, this darling red roan. She may only be 13.2, but can you say pony hunter prospect? Picture this little lady in a dark chocolate hunt bridle, her roan mane in button braids, packing around your 6 year old around at at the local schooling show. Are you dying a little now? Me too.

Horse Nation BLM Mustang Necktag 6721


5. Neck Tag 6005

Sex: Mare

Age: 4 years

Height: Call for more info

Herd Management Area: Granite Range, NV

Holy moly! This is what I like to call the “escaped bloodstock” type of mustang; something so distinctively well-built that our best guess is someone turned their multimillion dollar stock loose on the plains of Nevada and forgot to come back for them. Consider it the best of both worlds- the class of a purebred, and the street smarts of a mustang. This little lady is a prize! At 4, she’s the perfect age for a new life. Will she find it with you?

Horse Nation BLM Mustang Necktag 6005


6. Neck Tag 5455

Sex: Filly

Age: Yearling

Height: 13.1

Herd Management Area: Sulphur, UT

If you’re looking for a little more diamond in the rough, here’s your diamond. She’s skinny, she’s patchy, she’s plain, and in this picture, I’d wager she’s floating about 5 inches off the ground in a medium trot. While you have to be a little more patient for yearlings to come into physical maturity, you’re at a HUGE advantage gentling-wise to start with a yearling, who tend to be very game for picking up a job and trying to please. They make wonderful first-time projects, as well as great Youth Projects. As a 5-time adopter, if I had my pick of all the horses in this year’s internet adoption, I’d pick this one. Her proportions are such that I am confident she’ll grow into her barrel a slightly bigger gal than her herdmates, and her neck is an adequate length for easy rounding and softening. Plus, I’m a sucker for black horses with white stars.

Horse Nation BLM Mustang Necktag 5455

hn second


7. Neck Tag 6107

Sex: Filly

Age: 2

Height: 14.2

Herd Management Area: Fish Lake Valley, NV

If you’re looking for a little more height in your mustang, this filly won’t disappoint. At only two years old, she’s already 14.2, so I would expect to get 3-4 more inches of growth. But she’s not just big; the height is coming from a nice set of legs. She’s definitely got the build for the english disciplines, and with her understated color, you could definitely fly under the radar on this one… if you’re into that kind of thing.



8. Neck Tag 7892

Sex: Mare

Age: 6 years

Height: Call for more Info.

Herd Management Area: Adobe Town, (WY)

The BLM is listing all the horses at the Elm Creek, Nebraska Holding Facility as being 13.2 hands. I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that this mare is not 13.2. The majority of the horses from the Adobe Town herd are not that short (for example, Elisa Wallace’s mustang-turned-eventing mare Hwin, is from Adobe Town, and I believe she’s 15.1). This gorgeous gray mare is beautifully built, and the rest of the photos under her tag number continue to show off her qualities. If you’re an interested adopter, I recommend calling Elm Creek and requesting some more details about her height, if that’s a deal breaker.

Horse Nation BLM Mustang Necktag 7892


9. Neck Tag 5914

Sex: Filly

Age: 2 years

Height: Call for more info.

Herd: Born in a Holding Facility (BIF)

Don’t let the BIF stamp get you down about this gorgeous filly. My most recent project is a BIF, and she’s just as special and clever as the gathered ones. And you’d be crazy not to appreciate the good looks of this filly. At two, she’s young enough to be friendly, but old enough that you’ll get to the “fun part” sooner than later. And if you think she’s cute from the side, wait until you see her blaze!

Horse Nation BLM Mustang Necktag 5914



10. Neck Tag 0899

Sex: Colt

Age: 10 months

Height: Call for more info.

Herd: Born in Facility (BIF)

If the whole notion of loading a completely untouched animal you’ve never met in person into your trailer feels like too much, but you know you want one of these critters in your life, “Squirrel” might be just the ticket! Squirrel is one of the project horses at Mantle Ranch, Wyoming, and according to his description, he’s halter trained, loads in the trailer, and will let you handle all four of his feet. And how about that face??

Horse Nation BLM Mustang Necktag 0899


If you’re interested in adopting one of these horses or another listed in the online adoption, you can view the online gallery here and look up each horse by the neck tags listed above. If you need more information first, you can find everything you need at the BLM’s Wild Horse Adoption Website. You will need to submit an application and have it approved before you can bid in the online auction, so don’t procrastinate! Bidding ends on May 5. If you would like additional support or information about what it’s like to adopt a wild horse, you can also visit the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s website.

Go Mustangs.



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