#TBT: Horsenista — 5 Ways to Beautify the Barn

The barn is our home away from home, so there’s no reason why they should be purely functional.

Here are five ways you can beautify your stable.

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1. Horseshoe Wall

Take a horseshoe from each horse you’ve owned and put them on the wall with engraved name plates. If the shoes are rusted, check out this tutorial to make them shine.

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2. Halter Hanging Gardens

If you have a few old halters lying around, pair them with a galvanized bucket for a hanging garden. I found it was best to punch holes in the bottom of the bucket for water drainage.

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3. New Stall Hardware

Replacing rusty old latches with these Horseshoe Drop Latches will provide a lot of bang for your buck. You can find these at Keystone Barns for $13.95.

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4. Custom Stall Sign

Lauren Mauldin of DIY Equestrian made this one for $12. It showcases her amazing artistic talents, but stencils could also be used.

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5. Total Stall Makeover

While we’re on the subject of stencils, let’s just paint the entire stall. I found this image on Pinterest, but couldn’t locate any further info. I have a feeling that this example used stick-on wall art, which I do not recommend.  Stencils, however, could be used to create something similar. For a completely custom look, check out this Instructables tutorial on how to create stencils. You can also buy stencils online, such as these created by Cutting Edge Stencils. Their site is nice, because they have tons of great video tutorials to get you started.

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For more ideas check out Horsenista’s Pinterest!

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Go Riding!

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