#TBT: Most Popular Horse Names, Info Graphic

Check out this info graphic from Horse Clicks that shows the most popular horse names by gender! Do you see your horse’s name on the list?

Horse Clicks, an online horse classifieds site, tallied up about 14,000 horses listed for sale to put together this info graphic of the most popular names. The first section shows most popular names overall, and then the graphic is split by gender. The size of the text corresponds with the most popular: the larger the font, the more popular the name.

horse clicks

Horse Clicks also assembled the most common names by breed:

Quarter Horses

Ladybug, Cisco, Lacey, Sugar, Cash, Fancy, Blue, Buddy, Raven, Spirit


Gypsy, Jack, Spirit, Lilly, Rebel, Black Jack, Jasper, Sadie, Toby, Harley


Alexia, Prince, Annie, Levi, Trooper, Izzy, Diva, Lilly, Ransom, Treasure


Alexia, Twister, Luna, Apple, Sheba, Blue, Cheyenne, Star, Apache, Gabby, Stormy

Paint Horses

Dakota, Bella, Lady, Tucker, Sierra, Scout, Lucky, Jewel, Snickers, Belle


Peanut, Daisy, Blaky, Cinnamon, Palomo, Bella, Annie, Flash, Missy, Scooter

Draft Horses

Sadie, Bud, Bacardi, Ike, Yankee, Bella, Sapphire, Tara, Copper, Rocky

Were you surprised by any of these? (Like “Selena Forever” in the gelding count?) I was expecting to see a lot more of the typical Quarter horse names, like “Lena” or “Doc.” I wasn’t too surprised to see my own horse’s name “Red” pop up on the gelding list, though my other two horses are apparently a little more unique (“Skip” and “Dutch.”)

Go riding!

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