Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak: The SP Equine Health Library

No more frantic Googling of mystery horse health conditions!

I think we’ve done a pretty good job of reiterating that there are some horse health concerns that merit a direct call to the vet rather than Google — but what if you’re not sure? What if there’s something minor you’ve noticed that has you a little concerned but curious for more information? I’m sure lots of us have a well-thumbed copy of a horse health handbook or veterinary guide in the barn, but for those of us totally in the digital age, SmartPak has put together an e-library ready for browsing.


SmartPark’s Equine Health Library is accessible through the SmartPak website under the “Learn” tab on the top bar. On the library resource page, browse a wealth of sub-topics full of articles, webinars and guides:

  • Joint & Lameness: ranging from blemishes to unsoundnesses, plus how a lameness exam works
  • Hooves: lots of great videos on hoof health and safety
  • G.I. Tract: aka everything you need to know about colic … among others
  • Behavior: everything from mare-ish-ness to head shaking
  • Skin & Coat: all those What the Muck disorders in one place!
  • Weight: articles and videos, plus the body conditioning score explained
  • Horse Care: a fantastic must-read guide for any horse owner!
  • Other Conditions: for all the miscellaneous stuff
  • Comparison Charts: to help you find the right supplement
  • Ingredient Glossary: a fascinating list of every supplement ingredient and what it does
  • Canine Health Library: for your best barn dog companion’s health questions!

The SmartPak Equine Health Library should not replace veterinary advice but makes an excellent reference tool to educate horse owners and enthusiasts between visits. Check it out — we bet you’ll learn something you didn’t know before!

Go SmartPak, and Go Riding!

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