5 Free Horses in Search of Forever Homes

All around the nation horses are in search of safe, loving homes. Here are five available today.

This is your friendly Horse Nation reminder that our website only relists horses offered for free. Each seller/buyer should do their own research and remember horses are a huge responsibility.

Jade — Maryland

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This sweet boy left Bowie Training Center in December to become a part of a wonderful family.

He is kind, easy going and safe to handle, but the other horses there are not kind to him. He is still needing time to recover and heal from his days as a racehorse.

Jade raced 42 times and made over $160,000 during his career. He last raced on October 2, 2014. He was retired due to wear and tear on his ankles which made him extremely sore. This makes it necessary to give him time before becoming a trail and pleasure horse.

Jade will make a wonderful family, recreational trail horse with his lovely temperament and good looks. He will be a solid family man. He just needs someone to offer him the life he deserves. His present family has to keep him separate from the other horses because they push him around and beat him up. This horse is just too sweet.

Jade is 15.2 hands and 6 years old.


Malibu — California

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She is worth a million dollars to me, and to all the volunteers here at the rescue. She has come so far since her arrival almost four years ago. Pregnant and terrified she was pulled from a Premarin barn in Canada. She had a filly (Madrid) and went on to be a great mom. I learned that she has been pregnant 10 times.The foal born here was the first to get to live. She nursed Maddie for about nine months, and then she was ready to let her go. I never thought we would adopt Malibu into a home.

It took a year to touch her, another 9 months before she trusted us to groom, pet and hang out with. Her transformation has been miraculous, remarkable. She is now a happy well socialized mare, great auntie to the foals, and enjoys walking around the ranch at liberty checking in with all the horses.

She is from the wild herds of Kiger mustangs — she and her filly carry the leg striping. Beautiful to see. Most volunteers feel Malibu is only suited to be a companion horse, no riding, no breeding. She has already paid her dues in life. But if the gentlest and most talented trainer were to find her. She is only 13. If you’d like to enjoy sharing time with a bright, smart, sweet, happy mustang … Malibu is your girl.


Brandy — Washington

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Brandy is a very sweet older mare. She is approximately 25 years old. She doesn’t kick or bite. She is also still rideable for a small person. She she also does well for getting her hooves clipped. I hate to have to re-home her, but I have been unable to get my property completely fenced and she has been finding ways out. She is a great girl!


Zippos Bets Bar — Virginia

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Looking for a low maintenance, good-mannered broodmare? This mare is currently open and ready to breed because we are no longer breeding. Shes a point earning producer. She has had three good minded and talented babies for us (and she caught on the first try on all three shipments!!) Five panel genetic test results on file with AQHA — N/N across the board. She is a very good mother and easy to get along with. She was injured herself as a yearling so she was never shown and is broodmare sound only. She can be turned out with other horses and would probably make an excellent recipient mare. This mare may not have the “trendy” bloodlines but she is very good at her job and her offspring have the minds and the talent to actually succeed in the show ring. Pics of offspring available on request.


Callista — Florida

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This is Callista, a Tennessee Walking Horse/Percheron cross. She is an ex PMU broodmare. She is super sweet, up to date on all. Needs to be a companion horse only due to arthritis and an old injury. Would be fantastic for a program with children or PTSD. Incredibly patient and gentle.

Go Riding!

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