7 Bounces That Would Give the Easter Bunny a Run for His Money

And-a-one and-a-two and a-three…

Sure, sure, there’s bunny showjumping. But when it comes to jumping combinations…most bunnies kind of…lose their train of thought.

They run out…

They knock rails…

And their owners pull moves that are definitely illegal in real showjumping.

I mean, seriously, the best I could find when it came to bunny bounces was a hare doing a one-stride gymnastic! Not even a true bounce!

Sorry bunnies. When it comes to jumping bounces…I think equines win.

From the basics…

[Youtube: lingle4100]

And establishing a rhythm…

[Youtube: Nicole Taylor]

[Youtube: Gillian Kingsbury]

Then adding a couple one-strides to keep your horse thinking…

[Youtube: Bernie Traurig]

[Youtube: ExpertVillage]

Or  just attacking the grid like a jumping machine…


[Youtube: Sport Specific Equine]

Or even just doing the whole dang thing themselves!

[Youtube: tashorse1]

Go Riding!

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