Equestrians Anonymous: This Week’s Top 5 From the Forum

We’ll bring you the five best conversations from our forums each week. Check out Equestrians Anonymous and let your voice be heard!


If you haven’t been a regular on Horse Nation’s forum board Equestrians Anonymous, then you’re really missing out. Picture the tack room or the barn aisle at the end of the day: You’re hanging out with your barn buddies, speaking that magical language of equestrian that no one at home will ever understand, and it hits you that you are among your people. That’s what Equestrians Anonymous is like, and here are the top five conversations going on right now:

1. “Long hauling horses” (Ask Anything)

The Ask Anything forum is developing into an amazing collective of questions — you never know what you’ll find. Forum user JenPipandMisty is preparing to move from Connecticut to Florida in June, horses included. Do you have any long-distance hauling experience to share? She’s looking for any and all advice!

2. “Auction tag removal” (Ask Anything)

Forum user KariAM is fostering a rescue youngster in her barn, and it’s going great — except for trying to get that darn auction tag off. Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for removing those stickers? Share them here!

3. “Advice on Rescue Reconditioning?” (Training)

Forum user HNLorraine has a pair of rescued Thoroughbreds who have spent the majority of the past two years standing in stalls, so they have very little muscle tone. Leave your thoughts on safe ways to slowly build up muscle for Lorraine!

4. “First!” (Eventing)

We’re finding it kind of hard to believe that there are only three eventers on the Equestrians Anonymous forums, and yet only three of them have checked in to show support for their favorite discipline. Any other eventers out there?? Your people are looking for you.

5. “Introduce us to your horse(s)!” (Brag Board)

It’s as easy as it sounds: introduce us to your horses! Share photos, funny stories, ask questions about other people’s horses, and generally have a big ol’ horsey love-fest.

So what are you waiting for? Join any of these conversations, or start your own–we’re all crazy horse people here.


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