Tuesday Video from Dubarry: Foal’s First Fly Mask

Zip the paint foal may prefer the flies, actually.


According to the video narrators, baby Zip is getting some sunburn — so a fly mask (or “fly veil” as they’re called here) should help block some of the UV and protect his sensitive skin. Unfortunately for Zip, the only mask apparently on hand is sized for an adult horse, and he’s not terribly pleased about it:

Miraculously, the mask stays on, despite Zip’s acrobatics (and yet, will masks stay on my placidly grazing horses? Of course not, go figure.) Don’t worry, little buddy, I’m sure you’ll grow into it soon.

Need more baby Zip antics? We’ve featured him before–check out what happens when he gets a little water on his back. Since the filming of these videos, Zip has grown up and has been started under saddle (and fortunately reacted to a rider much better than he reacted to water on his back or a mask on his face.)

Go riding!



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