‘Oh Crap’ Monday, Presented by Bimeda

Monday is the crappiest day of the week so it only makes sense that we make things official! Here’s our latest batch of reader-submitted “Oh Crap” photos and videos.

Kelly Parsons: “I came across this series of ‘oh crap’ moments from six years ago and every time I see it, I roll in the floor laughing and figured someone else may need a laugh too! This is my now then 10-year-old OTTB and I cross-country schooling and as you can see, I couldn’t ride a down bank correctly to save my life! He launched off the edge of the bank and I was a sack of potatoes. Thankfully he loves me and has always taken care of me which is how I managed to stay on. Thank goodness we have improved since then and now look like pros dropping down banks!”








Kim Yin: “Liberty training done right is wonderful for the horse. But, miss this basic principle, and you are headed for disaster. This is my daughter’s pony learning some basics of liberty jumping. First we do it right. Next, well let’s just say we missed a very basic rule for all liberty training 😉 Don’t worry, everything worked out in the end.”

Katie Pugh: “As a trainer I have a few ‘oh crap’ moments. The little palomino — that is her third ride and she wasn’t very happy about it. The chestnut was my old show horse. He learned to buck to get his rider off but would get so mad because I never came off.”



Renee McJimsey Sons


Johnna Kramer: “She spooked when the wind blew and decided she wasn’t gonna jump this, so it resulted in me looking like a frog, and then her running around the ring bucking for 10 minutes.”


Have an “Oh Crap” moment to share? Email your photo/video and a brief explanation of what is going down to [email protected].

Go forth and tackle your Monday, Horse Nation. Go Riding!

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