Tuesday Video from Dubarry: World’s Worst Dressage Caller

“Okay, now make the horse take really big steps.”

Dressage callers of the world, you carry great responsibility on your shoulders: You’re the voice of sanity and confidence in the stressful world of the show ring, the friend on the sidelines, the guiding light that keeps riders from going astray. Your job is simple: Read. The. Test.

And then there’s this lady:

It’s kind of what I imagine it would be like to have a horse-husband narrating what he sees happening in a dressage test (“Go sideways! More sideways!”) Because it’s actually illegal to call anything but the movements, nor is it legal to talk to the rider, we’re pretty certain that this is just a practice run, or an informal schooling show–but either way, we’re in stitches.

Warning: not recommended for practical use unless you’re extremely confident in your dressage friend’s sense of humor on show day.

Thanks to Equestrians Anonymous forum user KariAM for sharing the original video!

Go riding!



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