Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak: Fly Predators

Spring is officially here, which means fly season won’t be far behind. Are you prepared?

Spring! Longer days and warmer weather is ahead for you and your horse: trail rides, horse shows, actually leaving the indoor arena…but with all those good things come some disadvantages too, including your horse’s nemeses: flies. Fortunately, SmartPak offers a unique and tested solution to help you prepare: Fly Predators.

Fly predators are a natural enemy of flies: they feed on fly larvae and break up the fly breeding cycle. The predator insects are tiny and almost unnoticeable by horses or humans, so you don’t have to worry about them bothering you at the barn. The fly predators hatch, then get to work in feeding on larvae; some users report up to a 94% decrease in pest flies.

By tiny, we mean seriously tiny: this is a fly predator on the edge of a penny for scale.

By tiny, we mean seriously tiny: this is a fly predator on the edge of a penny for scale. SmartPak

Fly predators are easy to use: they are shipped in pupa or cocoon form in a pouch of shavings. Simply open the package, sprinkle the predators where you need them most (manure piles, along fence lines, near high-traffic feeding areas, etc.) and then relax! The predators have a lifespan of about four weeks, so SmartPak will arrange auto shipping monthly (predators ship directly from Spalding Labs.) It’s an easy and environmental way to control flies all spring and summer long.

SmartPak put together this video to target some of the most common questions about using fly predators:

Want to target your horse’s fly protection from the inside out? Try SmartBug-Off in SmartPaks or in bulk, containing ingredients that deter biting insects and help reduce insects breeding in manure.



SmartPak also has a great selection of fly sheets, fly masks, fly sprays and fly traps. Check out the full line of insect control products! Spring is here, and SmartPak wants to help you be as ready as possible.

Go SmartPak, and Go Riding!


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