5 Free Horses In Search of Forever Homes

All around the nation horses are in search of safe, loving homes.

Here are five available today.

This is your friendly Horse Nation reminder that our website only relists horses offered for free. Each seller/buyer should do their own research and remember horses are a huge responsibility.

Abe – Illinois

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“Abe is a sweet, but sensitive horse. Lovely mover with lots of impulsion and a willing attitude. I have had him for three years and he has had 90 days professional training. He was effectively unbroken when acquired, but has extremely sounds basics. A perfect gentleman who leads, ties, loads and trims easily. Has not been ridden in over a year. He will reenter training April 1 for a refresher. Circumstances require that I find him a new home. Free to the right home. Approved homes only.”

Wally – Kansas

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“Wally is a beautiful 16 hand, 14 year old AQHA sorrel gelding. He is very sweet and wants to love and be loved.

He has been ridden and shown in both western and hunt seat classes, although soundness issues prevent him from being shown any longer. I am reluctantly seeking a loving, nurturing home for him as a companion horse or occasional ride. He pastures and gets along very well with other horses and is extremely loving with people once he has learned to trust them. Despite his soundness issues he can be ridden lightly and is always very eager to please.
He can be nervous around new people and in new environments, so he needs a loving, understanding and experienced owner.

If you are interested in giving Wally a home, please send an e-mail with a description of your potential home for him and your contact information.

Wally is a sweetheart who deserves a great home!”

Little Silverghost – Washington

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“14 year old TB mare free to good home. 16h. Great for beginners or riders of all levels. However due to injury on track @ 4 yrs old she has pins in her knees and is sound for light riding only. Would make a great companion. Would only recommend to experienced breeders that consider her for a broodmare. She had a hard time this last go and has to be sewn. Can sit for months and be calm under saddle. Please feel free to ask questions. More pics and video available. Located in Kennewick.”

Red – Michigan

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3636409_16379531_hd“Smokrs Red Rebel aka Red is a 16.2H , 17 yr old APHA gelding. He has had professional training, but has not been worked with in over 10 yrs. He does well for vet, and is said to have had a bad experience with farriers so can be troublesome (stomps foot down and dances, will need a lot of work with his legs and feet). If interested in fostering Red or adopting contact Voice For Horses Rescue Network located in Toledo, Ohio at 419-276-7443 or email us at [email protected]

Tux – North Carolina

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3607417_16346786_hd“Tux is a beautiful and sweet mare who is the inspiration that launched Race2Ring from its roots. Tux was re-started at Sugaree Ranch of Horsemanship by renowned horseman, Dave Seay in 2013 before beginning her training under Dave’s apprentice, Zoe Sandall. Tux has became an enthusiastic trail partner and she discovered a love for the creek. She has great ground manners, and works softly off the rope. As Tux has progressed in her training, intermittent lameness was presenting itself. Upon the results of an ultrasound, it has been discovered that Tux has a very old injury to her deep digital flexor tendon in her left hind leg that was never treated properly years ago. Unfortunately she has a permanent lesion in the tendon with mineralization, and she will not stay sound for riding. Because of Tux’s trainability, willingness and love of people, we feel she deserves a home as a loved companion or with a job in equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning. She will complete a full evaluation and test group of clients. She clips, ties, loads, bathes, and stands for vet or farrier quietly.

Free to Approved Home *Placement Agreement includes a 60-day trial period! Adopters will be asked to agree to the GFAS Minimum Standards of Care.”

Go Riding!

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