Product Review: The Whinnying Horse Box

Your horse called, and he wants you to sign up for the Whinnying Horse Box. Kristen Kovatch shows off all the fun stuff she found inside her first delivery.

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Riding out of a beef cattle farm has trained me to think like a farmer: if it can be fixed, fix it. If it can be fabricated, make it. Don’t throw anything out if you don’t have to, and if you don’t have to spend the money for something new, save it. My pasture puffs don’t seem to mind this frugal philosophy; I’ve made it about 10 months now without having to buy too much new stuff and have gotten by with repairing, recycling and getting creative in my tack room.

… But who am I kidding? It’s equally nice to get new stuff, especially when it’s cost-effective, high-quality and is delivered to my doorstep monthly. I received my Whinnying Horse Box last week, and it was like Christmas all over again. I hauled the box right down to the barn to open it up and show my horses all of their new swag.


All of this was in one “mini” box.

The Whinnying Horse Box is a monthly service that ships you a package of tack, barn supplies and equipment–it’s all gear that almost anyone can use, such as grooming tools, leather cleaner, new halters, lead ropes or horse treats. The company offers three levels of boxes: the Mini for $35, the Standard for $55 or the Large for $75. There are no set time commitments; if you just want to try one box, you can simply order one, or sign up for six months in a row if you like what you see.

The boxes are customizable as well: a drop-down menu lets you specify the size of your horse, from miniature all the way to draft. When placing an order, simply specify in the comments if you are an English or western rider, or if you have a specific color scheme for your barn, or a particular item you are or are not interested in receiving. Does your horse only wear red and white gear? No problem, just let the Whinnying Horse Box know. Don’t use polo wraps? Okay, they’ll leave those out of your box. It’s really that easy.

From Whinnying Horse Box on Facebook: sample contents of a large box

From Whinnying Horse Box on Facebook: sample contents of a large box.

I received the Mini Box, which was $35 plus $10 for shipping. My box included a bronc halter, leather conditioner, a mane comb, Nom-Noms horse treats, a Himalayan salt lick and a stall sign–a huge haul for just $45 total. (There’s no way I would have made out this well at my local tack shop.) All of the products are good quality and all things that I can use around the barn; there was nothing too specialized or exotic that would end up gathering dust in a corner of my tack trunk. (I used four out of the six items the day I opened the box.)

Overall, I am impressed with the Whinnying Horse Box. Ordering is easy and I like the customization options. The gear is practical, high-quality and all things that I will use on a regular basis, so my money isn’t going to waste. At the same time, there was enough variety in the items that unpacking the box was a lot of fun to see what kind of surprises the Whinnying Horse Box company had put together for me–like this bronc halter, which I wouldn’t have necessarily ever purchased myself (mostly because we have a good number of halters already). But look at how handsome and trendy Red looks:


The Whinnying Horse Box also sells basic tack directly from their website as well for horse owners looking for a specific item: saddle pads, halters, bridles and grooming kits are available for purchase.

If you’d like to spoil your horse and yourself every month (or just once in a while), I recommend the Whinnying Horse Box–I would definitely order another box myself! Place an order on the website, and follow them on Facebook for monthly item previews and giveaways.

Go riding!

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