Feeding a Ditchy Horse Red Bull Before XC Doesn’t Give Him Wings

Note to self.

What is it about horses and commercials for sugary, caffeinated drinks? I imagine it starts with some ad executives brainstorming around a table, someone makes a bad “you can lead a horse to water but…” pun and then it snowballs from there. The latest manifestation is a new commercial for the energy drink Red Bull, featuring a bandit trying to make a getaway but his horse keeps slamming on the brakes when asked to leap over a ravine. In desperation, the bandit feeds the horse a Red Bull in the hopes that it will “give him wings.” No dice — but it does give him wings.

Riders, on the other hand, should feel free to chug as much of go-go juice as they want. Exhibit A: this Mountain Dew commercial from last year.

Maybe Honey Boo Boo was right.


Shout-out to Stephanie H. for the tip. Go Riding!

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