Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak: The SmartBlue Dog Coat

Barn dogs of the world, don’t worry: SP’s got you covered.

We love SmartPak for our horses: easy-to-feed supplements, fantastic high-quality tack and stable supplies, super-cute apparel and stellar customer service. Now your faithful barn dog has a reason to love SmartPak, too! they’ve got a great line of canine products for your loyal companion. For those of you who just love to coordinate, the SmartPink and SmartBlue line of horse blankets come in dog coats too!

sage and horses

Sage modeling while we harness the horses.

Last weekend, we were giving sleigh rides through a local historic neighborhood with our team of Percheron mares, and my border collie Sage (the unofficial dog of Horse Nation) came along for the ride. With the forecast calling for 3-5 inches of fresh snow, I decked Sage out in her SmartBlue Thinsulate Dog Coat–yes, she’s a girl, but pink just isn’t her color. Just like the SmartPink and SmartBlue horse blankets, the dog coat is waterproof and includes 220 grams of Thinsulate lining, which we put to the test after three hours on the sleigh in falling snow: Sage was warm and dry under the blanket, and looked downright adorable to boot.

Sage keeping me company on the driver's bench.

Sage keeping me company on the driver’s bench.

SmartPak’s full line of canine products includes not only coats but collars, supplements and its own brand of dog food, LiveSmart. The LiveSmart dog food lists real meat as its first ingredient, and comes prepackaged in individual serving sizes–no more guesswork when it comes to feeding your dog! If your dog requires supplements of medicines, SmartPak can include both right in your dog’s packaged food so you’ll never forget a dose again.

From your horse to your barn dog, SmartPak has everyone covered.

Go SmartPak, and Go Riding!


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