Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks: Dubai Desert Triathlon

Raise your hand if you’d test out this new spin on the traditional triathlon! In keeping with the desert theme, swimming is replaced with (in our humble opinion) a far more exciting sport: endurance riding.

Graphic via Dubai Desert Triathlon on Facebook.

Graphic via Dubai Desert Triathlon on Facebook.

The Dubai Sports Council came up with a new idea in 2013 centering around a fresh take on the traditional triathlon consisting of running, biking and swimming. As a part of the Dubai Desert Triathlon, the swim portion of the triathlon has been replaced by none other than endurance riding.

As we all know, endurance riding is immensely popular in the Middle East, with many big names holding stock in the best horses in the world. So you can imagine the popularity of this contest, which will be held on March 13 this year.

Here’s what competitors will be facing in this year’s contest:

  • 5 km run
  • 50 km cycle
  • 40 km endurance ride

If you’re worried that some of the participants will attempt an endurance ride without prior knowledge of riding, don’t worry. The organizers of the event have allowed participants to team up with each other in order to compete as a team. Honestly, though? If it were me, I’d want to do all three phases myself! Perhaps it’s the eventer in me. Participants have the option of entering as individuals or as a part of a team, so this likely encourages many more entries.

The event really is a big deal, though, from the looks of it. Here’s some footage from last year’s edition:

The neat thing about the Dubai Desert Triathlon is that there are a lot of benefiting charities, which is always a great reason to support an event. It’s also a great opportunity for athletes from different walks of life to experience a new side of their sport. And hey, anything that involves horses can’t be too bad, right? Who’s in to start this in the U.S. with me?

Check out the Dubai Desert Triathlon website here and follow it on Facebook here for the latest updates.

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Go (Endurance) Riding and Go Fleeceworks!

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