An Illustrated Guide to Stomach Ulcers

Equine stomach ulcers aren’t just uncomfortable–they can affect your horse’s performance. Check out this video from our friends at Cavalor.

If your horse had things his way, he’d probably spend his days alternately napping, stuffing his face and playing grab-tail with his buds. Unfortunately, we have a different agenda.

Between stressful competitions and unnatural feeding and turnout routines, the domestic life can take its toll on our horses’ health – their digestive system in particular. (For more info on stress on its effects on our equine partners, check out Carla Lake’s helpful article “The Four Fs of Stress.“) And when the digestive system ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

This video from Cavalor offers an informative (and, despite the subject matter, pretty adorable — love the illustrations!) explanation of what ulcers are and how they can be prevented. Check it out!

Thanks to Cavalor for the video and for their support of Horse Nation’s sister site, Eventing Nation.

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