World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Horse vs. Mountain Bike

This trio is redefining multi-use trails.

Rider Kelly Murphy has figured out how to share quality time with both her mountain-biker boyfriend and her horse Walt by hitting the trails … together. If you can watch with the volume turned up, do — it puts new meaning to the lyrics of Mumford and Sons’ ‘I Will Wait’:

I love how quiet Walt the horse seems to be around the bicycle, and how much he seems to genuinely love racing the bike on the flat straightaway. The scenery doesn’t hurt either. Bonus points to the bicycling boyfriend for his sweet Walt snuggles at the end, even though Walt totally smoked him in that race.

Kelly Murphy loves the trails so much that she actually published her own trail guide titled Local Multi-Use Trails, covering trail systems in Los Angeles and Ventura that were otherwise unpublished in any guides at all. She traveled a thousand miles on foot, on bicycle and on horseback with a GPS unit and a cyclometer to create the trail guide, hoping to share with other outdoor enthusiasts how they can enjoy the trails in a variety of ways. Check out Kelly’s website for her trail guide here.

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Go World Equestrian Brands, and Go Riding!


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