Best of Craigslist: ‘Um… OK’ Edition

This week’s edition: a horse whose skill set includes jumping into the beds of trucks, a horse who has been under saddle for all of five seconds (literally), a “brat pony” who is homicidal toward children, a saddle-broke jersey steer, and much, much more!


From Joye:



From Sarah: “nice pony….”



From Rachel: “Saw this late one night while I couldn’t sleep. I just said… OK.”



From Heather: “Last line sums it up. Ha Ha! ‘PS- If you email asking if she is a perfect deadbroke pony for your beginner 7 year old I am going to assume you hate your child.'”

Brat Pony — $500

Moving and need to find this little punk a new home. I have a few months,but Id like to put her out there. I’m going to be up front and say this pony is a brat. If you’re looking for a deadbroke beginner angel pony just push the back button now….

*Healthy and sound
*UTD on shots,hooves,deworming
*Interesting color
*Good with other horses and other ponies.
*Was broke/trained at some point. She was in 30+ days of training recently. NOT selling as broke.
*Did I mention she is very cute?
*VERY easy keeper
*Does not bite or kick
*Easy to bathe
*Has not bucked or reared undersaddle
*14 years…I’m throwing it in as a pro..I consider that a decent mid age.
*Loads great and ties without pulling back.
*Easy keeper
*’She does have a nice trained W/T/C if she can be kept on focus to do it.
*Possibly a pony broodmare even you wanted to duplicate the little monster?
*Could make a very nice (very fast) barrel pony if someone wanted to harness her energy and put it towards good.
*Same for jumping…she has jumped things much taller than herself.
*Nice summer project….

*She is a brat. Seriously. Pony attitude and general stinkeryness. (No dangerous behaviour on the ground).
*If she doesn’t want to be caught in a large area it can take up to 45 minutes and 3 people. (Other times she will come right up to be caught like it’s nothing *rolling eyes*.)
*Put on pasture she has no restraint and WILL over eat. Dry lots or a heavy duty grazing muzzle are a must.
*She can be VERY spooky and nervous on the ground and undersaddle. She gets her little pony brain too worked up. She is small and easy to handle of course,but she needs someone to reassure her often that she is going to live on even with drifting plastic bags,puddles, and spray bottles. She will spook on the ground and undersadde.
*She is 11hh or so. So small adults or small teenagers can ride her,but that’s IT. And since she needs restarted I’m putting that as a con.
*NOT currently broke for kids. She will take advantage and I’m guessing she would throw a kid off right now if she was able to.

So…there you have it. I’m not going to post pictures because she is very cute and innocent looking and I don’t want it to sway a level headed decision. I’d be happy to email you some upon request.

Thanks for reading!

PS- If you email asking if she is a perfect deadbroke pony for your beginner 7 year old I am going to assume you hate your child.


From Ginger: “This isn’t exactly a horse ad, but whatever floats your boat, as they say.”



NOT FOOD,too nice a boy i know its odd but i did saddle break him an lead my kids around also can ride with halter and reins the Calf loves attention and is great with kids im only selling as i have toddlers and dont like his horns would trade for a polled heifer not jersey and age doesnt really matter will be a life long pet for our family. Hel make great working steer or companion used to goats and sheep. Please email or text i have some one to trailer if needed


From Lynn: “Look at the cribbing collar! They don’t know how to put it on”




15 yr. old paint geld. 15h. The bad: Has a habit of chewing on fence posts…so he wears a cribbing collar. Dislikes dog(s) walking behind him…in the front is ok, as long as he can see them. Doesn’t like walking through mud, and/or large mud puddles, he will skirt around them…when my wife rides him-she makes him go through them. The good: Don’t have to catch, he will come right up to you. Will stand patiently while being saddled, and for the farrier, (with some carrot enticement). I only ride him about once a week, on trails/ logging roads. I don’t know if he can do any of the fancy stuff like barrel, dressage, English, or tell you he can go either direction. Also, I will consider selling his tack along with him. A Cordura saddle, (16in.) and hackamore…for an additional 300.00.

Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.

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