How Much Do You Know About Horses?

Test your knowledge against this NickerDoodles quiz!


Below are 10 statements or questions — the answers are true or false. Take the quiz then check the answers and assess your score on the NickerDoodle Quiz-O-Meter Scale. Good luck!


1. Hippos and horses are genetic cousins.


2. Zebras are black with white stripes (as opposed to white with black stripes).


3. When playing horseshoes this is called a “Leaner.”


4. Guns N Roses rides a steel horse.


5. The horse piece in chess is called the Rook.


6. One of the earliest Olympic events involving horses (680 BC) was a cross-country race.


7. Despite living underwater, the sea horse is faster than land-based horses (once size versus time and distance traveled are proportionately factored).


8. The Tijuana Zebra is an obscure domestic breed used as a pack animal. It principally inhabits a small area of northern Mexico near the US border.


9. Pit ponies lived under ground in shafts most of their lives seldom venturing to the surface.


10. A rodeo cowboy has to stay on a bareback bronc for 8 seconds to earn a qualified ride.




1. False – rhinos and tapiers are the closests relatives to horses.


tapier small copy

2. True – latest science suggests the stripes are white.

Motorcycle Details

3. True – when the shoe lands upright against a post, you’ve got a “Leaner.”

horse shoes copy

4. False – Jon Bon Jovi rides a steel horse.

5. False – The horse is called the Knight.

kingsknightchesssetnn600 copy

6. False – Chariot racing was the earliest Olympic equine event.

chariot race copy

7. False – The dwarf seahorse is the slowest horse and even the slowest fish traveling a grueling 5 feet an hour.

8. False – it’s actually donkey painted with zebra stripes whose sole purpose since the 1940s has been as a prop for tourists to pose alongside.

tijuana zebra

9. True – many pit ponies lived underground their entire lives and rarely came to the surface. Little is documented on living conditions but life durations were usually five years or less.

pit pony

10. True – and we’re pretty sure that eight seconds seems like a lifetime!




About Melanie: I am an artist in Atlanta. When I’m not painting, I’m riding horses. I have 3 retired Arabians and a snotty pony at home. They keep me on my toes. Three years ago I bought a young OTTB straight off the track. My new fella, Bubba, and I are learning dressage. Sadly, I’m the weak link on Team Bubba, but I learn something every time we ride so it’s all good. I started NickerDoodles to document the horsey antics that abound within my world. I’m very fortunate to balance my life with things that I love – painting and riding – and NickerDoodles gives me a forum to share. If we’re not laughing at our horses and ourselves, we’re probably crying. I prefer to laugh! I hope everyone enjoys NickerDoodles.Please visit my central website,, and follow Nickerdoodles on Facebook here.nickerdoodles

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