Lady Godivas Parade ‘in the Nude’ at Mardi Gras



Here’s a nice mental image for ya: An all-female New Orleans riding group that dons nude body-stockings and chucks bedazzled horse shoes into the crowd.

(By “chucking,” we hope they mean “gently distributing by hand.”)

The Godivas participated in this year’s Krewe of Muses and Krewe of Orpheus parades. The group’s Alison Rinehart explains, “Our crew dresses up in airbrushed wet suits and rides through the streets of New Orleans. We throw decorated horse shoes to all of the revelers, along with doubloons, chocolates, and koozies!”

Alison kindly sent us some pics of their, uh, “costumes.”





What party-lovin’ horse wouldn’t love to sport a set of these bad boys?


Watch the Ladies in action via this local news reel of Krewe of Muses parade highlights (they’re on at around the 2:15 mark) and check out their Facebook page here.

Speaking of Mardi Gras, you need to watch this video of a police horse putting on a show of his own during Mardi Gras. A few well-timed turns on the forehand, a bit of rein-back and a sidewalk band was all it took to keep a crowd of Bourbon Street partiers wildly entertained.

It’s not the first time a horse has partied down in the French Quarter. Check out this video of a horse actually walking into a bar on Bourbon Street [insert joke here]:

Go Riding!

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