Are You “All About That Bert”? Here’s Another Video to Make You Smile

Finn may have had a rough start in life–but he’s ready to rock in his video set to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

You’ve probably seen “All About That Bert,” the horse-for-lease video to end all horse-for-lease videos created by the crazy barn girls at Black Fox Farm in New Jersey. It’s gained over 60,000 views in just three weeks! Now, the barn girls are trotting out their marketing skills again with a music video telling “The Story of Finn” to the tune of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

Want to sing along?

I’ve got nothing in my brain
Take all my spots too late
At least that’s what ponies say mm mm
That’s what ponies say mm mm
I’ve got lots of stablemates
But they all steal my hay
Yeah the ponies steal my hay hay hay
The ponies steal my hay hay hay

Yes I keep rooting
Can’t stop won’t stop pooping
Yes I’ve got that Hugo on my mind
Sayin’ you can’t jump that height

Yeah the trainer’s gonna train train train train train
But I’m gonna be a pain pain pain pain pain
Kiddo I’m just gonna strike spook spin and shy
So just get off, just get off
I won’t go in a frame frame frame frame frame
And I’m not gonna break break break break break
Ahhhh that looks like a snake snake snake snake snake!
I’ll just take off, just take off!

I think I got the beat
Now I’m picking up my feet
I really hope they’ll see
That there’s a place for me
I’m jumping on my own
I practice round the cones
Maybe one day I can show
Then everyone will know
So I keep schooling
Can’t stop, I’m improving
It’s like I got this talent
In my hind
And I CAN jump that height!

Yes the trainer’s gonna train train train train train
So we can get the fame fame fame fame fame
Cause now I am so tame tame tame tame tame
I’m jumpin’ off, I’m jumpin’ off
So you’re all about that Bert Bert Bert Bert Bert
But I know he eats dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt
So take a look at me me me me me
I also rock, I also rock!

We spoke to Kristin Taylor, a boarder at Black Fox Farm, to learn a little more about Finn.

“Finn is an older green horse that came to the farm in December of 2013, and has been in training since then. The woman who owns Black Fox Farm, Chrissy Walsh, bought him to save him from going to New Holland.”

“Now Morgan, the girl who is riding him in the video, leases him. She does jumpers, but we think he could possibly event, or even do dressage if you see how nice he looks in that “I think I got the beat” part!”

And what about Bert? The popularity of his music video led to a huge interest in leasing him, but mostly from people who wanted an off-site lease. He’s still available for an on-farm lease at Black Fox Farm if you’re near them in Pennington, New Jersey!

You can follow the adventures at Black Fox Farm on their Facebook page, Youtube channel, or on their website.


 Thanks to Carolyn DeBard Bender and Morgyn Johnson for pointing us to this video on Facebook.

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