Horse Heart Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Because we all know the horse is the “mane man.”

Jewelry isn’t always on the top of the a horse girl’s wish list.


But jewelry celebrating her four-legged BFF? Totally different story. Here are a few of our favorite finds in all different styles.



Etsy: JonathanArtsySilver

These two sterling silver horses kissing nose-to-nose make a classy statement necklace.

But maybe minimalism is more your style? If you’re crafty with a pair of pliers, this pendant could even be a DIY gift.


This welded horseshoe nail heart doesn’t scream “PONIES!!!” Rather, it’s more of an inside joke between horse people–and one that looks darn good while holding horses for the farrier.

These silver horseshoe nail earrings are a little more abstract and elegant.

Heck, why not just put the whole horseshoe on your ear?

A horse in my heart, and a heart in my horse! I love these creative designs.


I like this Celtic knot pendant because it kind of looks like the horses are giving each other fist bumps with their hooves.

Because we all know who your heart really belongs to!


Go Riding.

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